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If you can smell gas in or around your home call GBSD Plumbing to investigate any gas leak.

Gas leak detection should not be delayed as it saves you money on your gas bill !  At GBSD Plumbing we have all the equipment necessary to carry out test at your property to ensure your gas leak is detected

Before calling us to search for your gas leak you can conduct the following test yourself :

1)  Turn off all your gas appliances at the control point or pilot light (hot water heater)
2)  Write down your water meter reading before you go to bed and then check it again the next morning.  If you notice a change you may have a gas leak that requires one of our plumbers to use our bubble leak detectors and gas leak detection devices to make your property safe and stop wasting your money!
Remember a gas leak is both a safety risk and a costly problem

So call us TODAY at (619) 501-4773

If you can smell gas in or around your home call GBSD Plumbing to investigate any gas leak. Protecting your family as well as your gas budget are important, so at the first sign of a gas leak, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re available 24/7, any time of the day!

Gas leaks can be found around the following areas :

• Gas meter
• Gas stove
• Gas heater
• Gas oven
• Gas hot water heater
• Gas bbq
• Gas bayonet points

Call us TODAY before a Gas Leak emergency occurs

We have the latest gas leak detection equipment and we can pinpoint your gas leak and make your property safe before fixing that problem.

An unattended gas leak can add $$$’s to your quarterly gas bill

GBSD Plumbing can:

• Repair or replace your existing gas service
• Install a new gas service
• Upgrade your gas pipes
• Upgrade your gas meter
• Install a gas bayonet for the cold winter months

GBSD Plumbing uses the following equipment to detect any gas leaks :

–Bubble leak detectors
–Gas sniffers